Stage 1 – Historical Data from previous season/s

Team coaches submit their end of season player ranking evaluation to the Technical Staff, based on their player's performances over the course of the past season. Academy Staff then provide feedback reports on the players from Academy sessions during the past season. This helps to create a better knowledge of our players PRIOR to the evaluation assessment stage. **

**Note at U10 there may be a Skills Evaluation to help collect additional data on our players at this age.

Stage 2 –Try Out Evaluation (Part 1): "Skills Testing"

Players will be tested by our academy staff on their individual skills. We have a speed, dribbling, turning, shooting ans 1 vs 1 station. This allows us to evaluate players not just in small sided games but also on their technical and athletic skills.

Stage 3 –Try Out Evaluation (Part 2): "Small sided games"

Players will be split into teams based on the data we receive from the skills testing. All players will participate in small sided games to allow the evaluators to evaluate the players in game situations. Players can move up or down fields in this part of the evaluation.

Stage 4 –Try Out Evaluation (Part 3): "Small sided games"

Last tryout day, based on the previous 2 tryouts, players will now be placed on a field we believe their ability to be at. Players may still move up or down on this day and the evaluators try to find the correct level for each player.

Stage 5 – Pre-Season Roster

For the next 10 days to 2 weeks, the Club reserves the right to move any players internally if we feel there has been misplacement.

Stage 6 – Final Roster Announcement

At the completion of the Pre-Season roster stage, the final rosters will be communicated via email for the forthcoming season. 


All Coaches will be asked to submit their Indoor Season player evaluations to the Technical Director.

The Technical Staff will review each team based on the Team Coach's recommendations, then along with their Technical staff feedback may invite selected players to the training camp roster for the next team in our player pathway. 

A Technical Staff member will then contact the player(s) invited. The player(s) shall be invited to attend a minimum of 2 events with the respective team. 

Example Communication: "Jessica Jones U14 Tier 3 will be invited to participate in all U14 Tier 2 events for the next 2 weeks as a reward for a great season and part of our ongoing evaluation process. Please RSVP this email to accept the invitation".

Technical Staff and Coaches will communicate any permanent moves during or immediately after this period.

We aim to provide all teams with 3 team-training sessions in this time period, where Technical Staff will be present to support our player evaluations.

Players new to the club will be requested to provide the details of the last team they played for in their registration data. They will then be invited to a training camp with a team within the equivalent level.

For example a 2003 born Tier 2 boy will be added to our 2003 DA Tier 2 Boys or our 2003 Prospects Boys team for this training camp.

All players will be given a minimum of 2 events with this team, where subject to level of play shown, players can be moved up or down tiers to place them with the most like-minded, like-skilled players for their ability.

The final decisions will be made by our Full Time Technical Staff based on the feedback and recommendations of both the Head Coach, Assistant Coaches and the Technical Staff member(s) overseeing that team.

Any split decisions will be made final by a 3-man committee of the Technical Director, Boys Director and Girls Director

Why Change?

Simply because we wanted a better process.

Historical data. This places the emphasis more on historical seasons data versus one off try out performance.

A better environment. Training camps within a team setting are a more realistic environment than open tryouts, where players are placed in teams randomly.

Promotes the fact that evaluations are always ongoing. Players who are consistently performing well will be highlighted in the end of season rankings and therefore rewarded with the opportunities to progress through our system.

A more intimate setting. Less players = a closer look at new players.

Coach mentorship can better occur as Technical Staff will now work alongside the Team Coaches during this process to help prepare the teams for the season ahead and monitor the player's development.

Appeals Process

Our evaluations process is on going and we as a club reserve the right to move our players internally at any time during the season, subject to CMSA's movement policy. If players feel wrongly placed they can submit their player placement appeal form (as located on our website under Parents Resources tab - documents), once final rosters have been announced.