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Foothills Development Academy Tier 2-3

Our development academy is led by DA Manager Lee Tucker, who is UEFA B certified. Lee is the only professional in Calgary that focuses on educating players at the tier 2 & 3 levels. Lee provides a positive learning environment for our players through innovative sessions & unique exercises to create a strong development pathway for our players. This leads to success in our program, as players each season are promoted to a higher level of play after participating in our development academy program 

The Calgary Foothills Development Academy will provide the BEST holistic soccer experience to your child. At Calgary Foothills we have a program that is committed to delivering a first class Academy Curriculum on the field including working with our World Class Sports Science Department to help us provide each individual player the best opportunity to develop. We also work to provide extra programs that will expose the individual to additional training opportunities and encourage all of the Tier 2 & 3 teams to participate at tournaments which will see them achieve competitive success. The program is delivered with the same quality of coaching to all players at the Tier 2 & 3 levels with the specific aim to challenge and inspire players to realize their full potential enabling them to progress at their own speed through the Club’s player pathway.

Why Foothills Development Academy Tier 2/3 Program?

  • UEFA & FA Qualified Program Leader with staff certified and qualified through the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA)

  • Additional Skills training program and FREE drop in skills for our U11-U12 Tier 2 & 3 players

  • Additional positional specific training including video analysis, mental preparation and social development for ALL Tier 2 & 3 players

  • Tailored Sports Science packages for teams with additional personalized programs available

  • In season evaluation windows which may lead to training or playing opportunities with the next team in our player pathway

  • Free Coaching clinics and ongoing coach mentorship for Team Coaches and Staff

  • Tournament opportunities within Calgary and travel opportunities such as Edmonton, Kelowna, Vancouver and the USA

Success Stories 

  • One of the biggest success stories came during the summer of 2016 when 2 former Tier 2 players won both Provincial and National Gold as part of our 2002 Tier 1 Girls team. Ruth Adekugbe and Allyson Campbell also competed with the team at the Gothia Cup in Sweden!

  • Close to 100 players were promoted through the Club's player pathway in 2016 moving from Tier 3 to Tier 2 or Tier 2 to Tier 1 respectively

  • Four teams were promoted during the Outdoor 2016 season to compete at the next Tier in our pathway, including 3 teams that were promoted from Tier 2 to Tier 1

  • Eight teams qualified to compete at the Outdoor Provincials competitions

  • Four of our Team Coaches completed their CSA (Canada Soccer Association) C License qualification and 2 coaches achieved their Provincial B license