Alberta French Games

The French Games were started in 1993 and are held in a different zone every year for youth ranging 12 to 18 years old.  Hundreds of French-speaking youth participate and this year Calgary had the privilege of hosting. Alberta is divided into 9 zones with athletes participating in many sports (Badminton, Floor hockey, soccer (11 x 11), soccer (3 x 3), basketball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee and handball). Next year, they will be held in Edmonton.


Six players that were selected Nicholas Proulx, Charles-Antoine Hudon, Kristopher Martial, Emma Aucoin, Camille Proulx and Makayla Lee were on the Calgary soccer Mixed 11 x 11 team this year.  They played a total of 6 games and they were undefeated finishing first place.  The level of athleticism and sportsmanship that was demonstrated by these athletes was something else. 3 of the girls that were selected were all 13 years of age, they all played for Foothills for around 3 years and they all went to the same elementary school together.  


About Calgary foothills

Foothills Soccer, established in 1972, provides youth soccer programs for kids from 3 to 18 years old. Foothills has programs for all ages and abilities and has members from all over Calgary and surrounding areas. Foothills has a history of excellence and has been successful in winning 5 National Championships and 11 National Medals since 2006, as well as sending multiple players directly to professional organizations including Chelsea, West Ham, and Vancouver Whitecaps. Foothills provides a culture that promotes excellence in soccer but also the development of outstanding people while enjoying a positive sporting experience


The foothills members commented about their experiences below.



 “Playing for Calgary's mixed soccer team in the French Alberta Games was an amazing experience! I got to play high-level soccer against people from all over the province.  The new friendships I made will last a lifetime and winning gold with my teammates was a huge honor! I hope to have the privilege of participating again in the future.”



“I really enjoyed taking part in the French Alberta Games. It was a great experience for me and I hope to participate in them again in the future. It was fun to play with friends from school and I really enjoyed making new friends".




“Soccer has given me confidence and strength, and the ability to learn and grown with players, whether on my team with Foothills or when other opportunities arise such as the Alberta Francophone Games, which was an amazing experience! It has also taught me patience, kindness, sportsmanship, and work ethic. Most importantly, soccer has taught me that to achieve shared goals, you have to work together as a team”.



“I had such an amazing week end. The fact of being around francophone athletes coming from all over Alberta was a really nice experience for me.  The team that were mix with girls and older people was a new experience and I was able to learn from some of the older athletes that had such an amazing way of playing and and extremely good attitude. I was thrilled to have the chance to win the gold medal with lots of his friends and new teammates. I will for sure be part of the 2018 Francophone games that will take place in Edmonton.”




“What a great experience !  Of course, winning the goal medal makes all the difference, but having the chance to challenge myself against older kids (it is a grade 7 to 9 mixed soccer tournament) made me work harder kept me focused all games long.  I did pay the price a couple of time against some grade 9 players, but I did not let them bring me down.   I found a way to keep running and fight for the ball every game (6 games in 3 days).  I dig deeper and push myself further to find out what I'm made of.    All this hard work finally paid off and now we are back home with the Gold medal “!