Dear Foothills Members;

If you are re-registering your child with our club, welcome home.  For those new members joining Foothills for the first time, I would personally like to extend you a warm welcome into the Foothills Family.  We call ourselves that as over the course of time that you spend with us often equates to as much time as you spend at home and therefore we naturally become a second home to each other.  Once a player steps into our training facility aptly known as “The Fieldhouse”, they will feel a sense of belonging through the training they receive, friends they meet and peers they interact within our vibrant culture. Our club has been operating officially since 1972 and has developed some great players over the course of that time.  However, we pride ourselves on two key things as part of our development ethos; to create great players and outstanding individuals.  Not only do we proudly boast a strong and highly qualified coaching roster that can develop players, our club culture also places a heavy emphasis on developing the person behind the player.  The lessons a player and coach learn within the vehicle of sports and in our circumstances, soccer will only help to strengthen the character and personality of your child as they embark on their personal journey through life better equipped as a result of their experiences with us.

We are firm believers in the long term player development model and ensure we do our best and placing every player in the right environment for their current stage of development.  Every child unlocks their gift at different maturation stages of their development, so it is essential that we recognize the needs of the individual within our team programs.  So whether your child is joining us for their first ever soccer experience at U4, or their final U18 year, we will strive to make their soccer experience the best it can be.  

Welcome to Foothills. See you on the sidelines,


Leon Hapgood

Technical Director  

Calgary Foothills Soccer Club